Open-Based Science : Mont-Blanc Observatory

The renovation / extension project of the Mont-Blanc Observatory, supported by the municipality of Chamonix and carried by the CREA Mont-Blanc, is progressing. The last open house of July 23 offered the opportunity to understand how this important place in the history and scientific news of the Valley will be transformed, in order to accompany the development of the activity of CREA Mont-Blanc.

The recent signature of the administrative lease with the Chamonix municipality marks the official launch of our OBS Mont-Blanc project. A major asset for the region, this new place dedicated to alipne ecology will allow CREA Mont-Blanc to develop its research activities and will become a key place for exchanges and awareness-raising for all.

Esquisse de l'intégration paysagère
Landscape integration of the new Observatory – CC BY 4.0 Ateliers 17C

With the help of the architectural firm Atelier 17C, CREA Mont-Blanc has the ambition to renovate the historic Vallot chalet, to set up a new eco-designed research laboratory, but also to design an experimental garden open to the public.

A multi-dimensional project

The Mont Blanc Observatory, the first laboratory for scientific observation of Alpine ecosystems in Chamonix, is set to become a veritable base camp for modern exploration by 2024.

While the renovated Chalet Vallot will welcome researchers, teachers and students for meetings, training and awareness raising. The garden will invite the general public to slip into the shoes of a researcher.
The result of a creative and collaborative marathon, Mont-Blanc Lab, this living space will allow visitors to experience the protocols used by researchers in the field, but also to project themselves sensorially into the encounter with the massif and its inhabitants.

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