Camera traps: the contribution of artificial intelligence and the general public to our research

To process the huge mass of images generated by camera traps installed around the mountains, CREA Mont-Blanc developed a hybrid system using the expertise of researchers, machine-learning, and citizen science. Currently in the experimentation and developmental phase, it has already … Continued

How Camera Traps Significantly Increase our Means of Observation

CREA Mont-Blanc installed around 40 high altitude cameras which are automatically triggered by movement. In the experimental phase, these new tools for monitoring alpine fauna have generated 150,000 photos per year. Quite promising, to say the least! Lire l’article en français … Continued

What we learned during lockdown

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Big jumps in citizen science participation, new opportunities thanks to digital technology, the role of science in society… Even if tough conditions and a crisis of unprecedented scale presented many challenges during the two-month lockdown, the CREA Mont-Blanc team was … Continued

Science Sandwich – 2020 Program

In 2018, CREA Mont-Blanc launched a series of scientific seminars open to the public. Once a month (typically on a Tuesday), you are invited to the Mont-Blanc Observatory , home of CREA Mont-Blanc to meet researchers studying issues that affect the … Continued

Science Sandwich: Impacts of Climate Change on the Espace Mont-Blanc

“As humans, I think we are very good at short-term optimization and making the most of opportunities and conditions on a day-to-day basis (such as skiing on a beautiful day)…It’s much more difficult for us to plan ahead and consider … Continued