Science Sandwich – 2018 program

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CREA Mont-Blanc has launched a series of scientific seminars open to the public.  On the third Tuesday of every month this year, you are invited to the Mont Blanc Observatory, home of CREA Mont-Blanc, to meet researchers studying issues that affect the mountains.  As the name “Science Sandwich” would suggest, the conference series occurs midday, from 12:30 to 1:30, and you are encouraged to bring your lunch with you.   Seminars occur in both French and English depending on the topic and the speaker. 

Science sandwich #1 (en anglais) "Social cognition in corvids" par Edward Legg et Ljerka Ostojic, University of Cambridge (UK) © CREA Mont-Blanc
Science sandwich #1 (in English) “Social cognition in corvids”  with Edward Legg and Ljerka Ostojic, University of Cambridge (UK) © CREA Mont-Blanc

You’ll have lots of opportunities to meet the CREA Mont-Blanc team in 2018! Pack your sandwich and hike over to the Mont Blanc Observatory to join us as we learn more about whats going on in the mountains around us.  Seminars will be led both by researchers from CREA Mont-Blanc as well as visiting academics eager to share their passion for flora, fauna and mountain environments.

The 2018 Program

Science Sandwich #3 – Tuesday, March 20th (en français)

Climate change and it’s impacts on snowpack in the Alps – Geoffrey Klein, CREA Mont-Blanc/Université de Neuchâtel

To learn more, you can read Geoffrey Klein’s blog articles

Science Sandwich #4 – Tuesday, April 17th (en français)

Climate in the Alps: past, present and future- Anne Kress, University of Applied Sciences, Freising (Germany)

Science Sandwich #5 – Tuesday, May 15th(en français)

“Greening”, when alpine vegetation benefits from climate change – Brad Carlson, CREA Mont-Blanc/Laboratoire d’Écologie Alpine

To learn more, you can read Brad Carlson’s blog articles.

Science Sandwich #5 – Tuesday, June 19


If you are a researcher visiting Chamonix and interested in meeting the CREA Mont-Blanc team and/or sharing your work at a Science Sandwich conference, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Practical Information:

Science Sandwich Chamonix

At the Mont Blanc Observatory

67 lacets du belvédère

74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

from 12:30-1:30pm

Bring your own bag lunch

FREE – space limited

Exchanged will occur in French or in English, depending on the presenter and the topic.


Earlier editions:

Science Sandwich #2 – Tuesday, February 13th (en français)

Wild Bees and Pollination – Colin Van Reeth, CREA Mont-Blanc/Université de Lorraine

Post-conference summary article: Pollinisation et abeilles sauvages

Science sandwich #1 – Tuesday, January 16th (in English)

Social cognition in corvids: lessons from Eurasian jay caching and food-sharing behaviours – Edward Legg and Ljerka Ostojic, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge, UK

To study social cognition in corvids, we use Eurasian jays (Garrulus glandarius) as a model species because we can utilise two natural behaviours, namely caching and food-sharing. Like other corvids, Eurasian jays utilise a range of cache-protection strategies when there is potential that a conspecific could steal their caches. These studies suggest that cachers might be able to take into account what a conspecific can see or hear (perspective taking). In addition, we have developed a novel behavioural paradigm to test whether jays might be sensitive to what a conspecific wants or desires (desire-state attribution). This paradigm allows us to investigate whether male Eurasian jays respond to the changing desire of their female partner when sharing food with her during courtship. Finally, we will present recent studies in which we attempted to integrate tests of desire-state attribution into caching paradigms.



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